BookView Review: The Narcissism of Small Differences by Dennis Dorgan

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Pub date August 17, 2021


Price $4.98 (USD) Kindle edition

Dorgan debuts with this richly detailed, intricately plotted, and expertly-paced police procedural, featuring the endearing Conor Delaney. As the head of Delphi Investigations and Research, Conor has enough on his plate dealing with white-collar frauds such as money laundering and corporate delinquencies. When a brutal killing, involving a member of the police force, comes to Delaney’s attention, he has no problem jumping in. But soon, a series of similar ritual killings send chaos in the city. Delaney must depend on his decades-old investigation skills and spiritual guidance if he wants to solve the case. Readers will be particularly enthralled by the genuine emotions evoked in the course of Delaney’s quiet conversations with Cody. His connection with Mackey and Grandmother Raven is endearing. The tension is enhanced by Dorgan’s unique take on the otherworldly and spirituality. Close escapes and the increasing suspense as Delaney dig deeper into the killings make this an exhilarating read. Fluid prose and vivid descriptions entice, and the tense finale, paced at breakneck speed, will have readers flipping pages fast. With plenty of grit and human drama along the way, this taut police procedural will appeal to any fan of tightly constructed, seasoned mysteries. This is crime drama at its best.


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