BookView review: The Adventures of Vylette Bunny and Michie: Love at First Bite by Michelle Crichton (Author), I Cenizal (Illustrator)

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Pub date June 30, 2021

ISBN 978-0228851356

Price $6.99 (USD) Paperback, $16.00 Hardcover, $3.92 Kindle edition

Author interview

In this amusing early reader by Crichton, a young girl finds herself struggling after taking the responsibility of a mischievous pet bunny. Twelve-year-old Michie has always loved animals and is eager to get her own pet. When she spots the adorable Vylette, a grey bunny with a hint of pink, blue, and purple, in a pet shop, she knows she has to get Vylette immediately. But Vylette loves to chew anything and everything, turning into a nuisance. What will Michie do? The combination of a simple but satisfying plot and vibrant, realistic characters adds up to a story that succeeds on many levels. Vylette conveys just the right mix of earnest endeavor and hilarious mischief. Michie is a complete darling, sweet, sensible, and understanding. Pet lovers will relate to Michie’s acute desperation as she tries to handle Vylette’s misadventures. Crichton’s excellent at characterization and pacing, and she challenges her readers to engage with her characters and the emotionality of their situation: young readers will enjoy anticipating how Michie and her parents will handle Vylette’s relentless chewing problem—and likely hope for a quick, easy solution to the unruly behaviors as well. This book is bound to please every beginning reader.


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