BookView review: Iceapelago 2091 by Peter Brennan

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date July 30, 2021

ISBN 9781838063931

Price $6.29 Kobo eBook

Brennan spins an intricate, exhilarating tale of devastation and political intrigue in this enthralling continuation of Iceapelago. It’s been decades since the world was changed by the Eriador event, an apocalyptic icefall tsunami that brought the devastating winters. Ireland has become an island chain of 30 islands, known as Iceapelago. The population is struggling to stay alive in the face of utter destruction. When a severe storm arrives, threatening to destroy whatever is left of the island, the newly appointed Sheriff Rory knows he must protect the people’ interest first. But the higher officials are more concerned with securing their own positions. What follows is an action-packed, thoroughly intriguing adventure full of desolation and dark dystopian elements, all made grim by the characters’ desperation to stay alive. There is no shortage of individual conflicts, and the characters’ altering point of view (there are Arctic foxes, with their own point-of-view narrative) is balanced with skill. Readers looking for a healthy dose of human drama in their science fiction will be enthralled, and those fond of hard-core dystopian will find an exciting story that’s hard to put down. Well-executed, sharply told, and highly atmospheric, this gripping installment is sure to win Brennan plenty of fans.


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