BookView Review: Presence, the Play by William E. Jefferson

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date May 1, 2021

ISBN 9781736496701

Price $9.30 (USD) Paperback, $4.96 Kindle edition

Jefferson returns with an evenly paced tale of heroism and adventure, taking readers on an exhilarating journey of one man’s quest to save the nation. Script, a monk and playwright, is looking forward to the performance of his long-awaited play at the local theatre when an unfortunate incident sends him to hospital in a comatose state. While in coma, Script finds himself embarking on a horrendous journey to save the Isle of Estillyen from Satan’s wrath. Between thoroughly developed word building and an intriguing cast, Jefferson adeptly brings his characters to life and weaves a story of spiritual warfare that fascinates as well as entertains the reader. The book is fast-paced, dark, and strange and is structured simply with skill and precision. Jefferson’s prose is unembellished and pacing measured. The story takes place during Script’s comatose state, with the narrative racing toward a roller-coaster, satisfying ending. The action scenes are pretty short, but powerful. Jefferson adeptly handles his protagonist’s inner conflicts, giving him a refreshingly humane touch and making the reader invested in his sympathetic personality: readers will relish Script’s growth as the story progresses forward. A hefty dose of darkness to the antagonists’ persona adds extra intrigue and a sense of gloom to the narrative. Fans of allegorical fiction will enjoy this engrossing story of resilience, hope, and spirituality.


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