BookView Review: Dead Men Don’t Snore by David M Cameron

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Pub date July 28, 2021

ISBN 9798545146451

Price $12.00 (USD) Paperback, $2.99 Kindle edition

Author interview

Cameron’s latest is an engaging crime drama, told at an appealing pace, featuring ex-military, ex-mercenary Gordon Bennet. Struggling to move ahead after his dishonorable discharge from the military and failed marriage, Gordon is on vacation in the quaint town of Calpe in Southern Spain. But trying to save a dying girl gets Gordon into a sinister web of murder and intrigue. The local police warn him to stay away, but with an innocent’s life in danger and several killings on his psyche, Gordon has no option but to get to the truth of the sinister conspiracy. This shrewdly crafted crime drama hums with suspense and tension. As the narrative moves forward, Cameron unravels just enough information to keep the reader invested. Gordon proves to be a memorable protagonist; he’s stubborn, heroic, and despite an outwardly cold veneer, he has this endearing vulnerability about him that makes readers root for him. Gabriela is a total darling. The solid crime tale comprises plenty of fast-paced twists and turns and drives a narrative that is heavy on both emotion and action. This installment will surely garner Cameron new fans who’ll seek out his earlier novels and anticipate his upcoming books. A riveting murder mystery by a skillful author.


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