BookView review: GODS IN THE RUINS: A Vatican Archives Thriller (The Vatican Archives Series) by E.R. Barr

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Pub date March 21, 2021

ISBN 978-1951744540

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $2.99 Kindle edition

Barr pits his larger-than-life protagonist against a resurgent ISIS Caliphate and a dangerous enemy out of myth and legend in his latest installment in The Vatican Archives Series. The discovery of an ancient tomb in the ruins of Babylon, sets the Vatican and the CIA to send their respective teams to look into the discovery. But an insurgent ISIS Caliphate has his own agenda. With human and supernatural forces pursuing the Vatican archeologist Fr. Daniel Azar, it becomes imperative that the young priest unravels the mystery of the ancient tomb before it becomes too late. It’s satisfying to witness the larger-than-life hero, with plenty of depth to his character, put his multiple skills to good use. Lucca, Rebecca, Isaac, and Daniel’s parents are tough and likable characters, and the supporting cast is equally compelling. But it is Grigio, Daniel’s guardian angel, who completely steals the show. The action is almost nonstop, with plenty of blood spilling and relentless twists right to the end. Readers who can appreciate the conspiracy-minded plot will have a great deal of fun, as well fans of relentless, high-stakes thrills. This is a conspiracy aficionado’s dream, packed with history, myth, archeology, and high action. Barr is an author to watch.


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