BookView Review: Spirit Club: Mediumship Uncovered by Donna Young

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date October 10, 2021

ISBN 9798474674261

Price $32.00 (USD) Hardcover, $18.11 Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

Young opens up about her life as a psychic medium, taking readers on an exhilarating journey to the mystic world of spirits, death, and afterlife. Delving into her own childhood, Young shares how her spiritual gift helped her overcome deadly cancer and cerebral thrombosis during her teens and her personal experience with the other realm. She also explains what it’s like to connect with souls on the other side, what communicating with the dead has taught her about embracing life that is full of ups and downs, and how a person can tap into their own intuitive awareness to manifest their dreams, goals, and desires. Along the way, she offers new avenues that mediums can use to share their gifts and reach their full potential. Written with simplicity and an endearing lightheartedness, this incredibly profound, yet simple and practical guide makes for a rich volume, which is chock-full of entertaining personal anecdotes, fascinating first-person narratives, and everyday advice. The readers new to the genre will find their preconceptions about death and afterlife shaken while the more informed readers will find this a treat.


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  1. Beautifully written Donna Young. You write in a way that anyone can understand with easy to follow guidelines. Donna projects a very humble, loving and supportive approach in her book.


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