BookView Review: SARAH by Amir Barghi

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Pub date May 14, 2020

ISBN 979-8645746223

Price $9.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

Author interview

Barghi makes his debut with the story of a stunningly beautiful young woman struggling to break free of bonds of a forced relationship. Eighteen-year-old Sarah is content living a life of destitution and poverty with her brother. But when her marvelous beauty attracts the attention of a lecherous old man, a retired wealthy colonel in the military, her life turns upside down. Forced to marry the colonel, Sarah soon finds herself becoming her husband’s captor. When a handsome stranger comes into her life, she begins to dream about becoming free. But things are not as easy as they seem on the surface. Almost all of the characters in the novel have issues to navigate: Sarah trying to get her freedom while coming to terms with the grief of her brother’s betrayal; Colonel’s son dealing with the trauma of his torturous childhood and youth; Sam struggling with his attraction toward Sarah and his immediate inability to do something for her. The central theme is intriguing, however most of the young adult characters’ utter dependence on their elders (even for the basic necessities of life) becomes tedious. The book needs the keen eye of an editor and a proofreader. An engrossing story and alive with compassion, at times touching, this is an intriguing tale.


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