BookView Review: God Favors You by Tannette Calderon

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Balboa Press

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Pub date September 12, 2021

ISBN 978-1504396790

Price $28.95 (USD) Hardcover, $11.99 Paperback, $10.28 Kindle edition

Author interview

Calderon offers an inspirational self-help guide to help you find life purpose and how to serve others through God. Calderon argues that God will right every wrong but first you need to put your trust in the higher power and lean on it. Calderon argues that God never promised us a life without difficulties, but he does promise to be with us as we navigate our way through them. Trusting that he can redeem your struggles for a vast purpose will help you cultivate courage for life’s challenging times. All you need to do is find your life purpose and then use your experience and circumstances to join God in his holy work. Calderon’s prose is straightforward as she delves into various significant spiritual and metaphysical questions: What is the true nature of God? What are some of the ways of God, and how does he interact with us at various times?  What is the essence of life? What is thought? How does our connection with others affect us? This is an insightful guide that will help you discover your role in God’s story while experiencing the path to true freedom, joy, clarity, physical renewal, and contentment. With its straightforward prose, inspirational insights, and gentle affirmations, the book makes for a must-read for every believer.


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