BookView Review: Nothing in Time Separating by K. Lumpkin

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date December 28, 2018

ISBN 978-1792779466

Lumpkin returns with this poignant story of one young woman’s journey to love, happiness, and redemption while dealing with memory loss. Struggling with memory loss, Tashia has no one to call her own. The man she is meant to trust is the one whom she fears the most. When investigation into her father’s past unravels hidden secrets, Tashia finds herself thrown into the middle of a dark web of murder and lies. Will the man she has fallen in love with be the one who will help her recover? Tashia, an intriguing mix of vulnerability and strength, remains a thoroughly believable and sympathetic heroine. It is easy to see why she’s wary of people’s intentions at first. The secondary characters are sketched with skill and precision. While Tashia’s memory loss takes center stage in the story, Lumpkin tackles relevant themes of marriage and relationship intricacies, violence, grief, trauma, understanding, trust, and what it means to love truly and wholly with skill and heart. The narrative is largely smooth and the pacing stays measured. There is romance, poignant emotion, individual connection, and human drama. But there is also intense soul-searching: Is God there for you when you need it the most? What does it mean to put your trust in One Higher Power? What is the connection between faith and resilience?  This engaging tale will likely appeal to both the lovers of women’s fiction and Christian readers. A winner.


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