BookView Review: They Only Wear Black Hats by Edward Izzi

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Cassino Publishing, Inc.

Pub date November 11, 2021

ISBN 9798764831

Price $16.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

The well-wrought plots, solid characterization, and densely imagined twists mark Izzi’s latest thriller featuring Detective Mike Palazzola of Detroit’s Third Precinct. While having dinner with a friend at Detroit’s Roma Café, Detective Palazzola stumbles upon a secret society of assassins known as The Archangels, who like to pass out their own private brand of justice. Palazzola sets out to investigate the group with his reporter friend Justine Cahill at his side. But with the FBI involved, the duo need to tread carefully. The novel has it all: the twisty plot, entertaining storytelling, high tension, and page-turning pace to keep the readers turning pages nonstop. Mike and Justine are vividly rendered and so are the secondary characters. The Archangels’ backstory is slowly revealed, and readers discover their penchant for extreme violence as the group members begin to take on the most unsuspected of the victims. The twists are clever, and even the canniest of readers won’t see them coming. The dark forces arrayed against the hero are thoroughly ferocious, and Izzi deftly brings all the disparate plot threads together in the final chapters and ties all the loose threads nicely. Izzi delivers an intriguing, action packed thriller while tackling relevant themes of friendship, justice, vengeance, duty, responsibility, revenge, and redemption. The results are outstanding.


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