BookView Review: Asia by George C. Lesley

BookView Review rated it:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Grosvenor House Publishing Limited

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Pub date July 29, 2021

ISBN 1839755180

Price $6.72 (USD) Kindle edition, $5.77 Paperback

Author interview

 An absorbing story set in an intriguing fantasy world, Lesley’s fine debut will keep readers turning pages nonstop. When Deborah, Nathan, and Simon, three strangers from three different walks of life, meet the mysterious Asia, they have no idea their lives are going to turn upside down forever. Drawn into a battle against an ancient power, the trio must brace themselves for unforeseen. The well-constructed supernatural world is steeped in darkness and intrigue as it places the average folks in a lethal truce with a sinister otherworldly force. The plot is intricate, and the characters never lose readers’ interest: Lesley thoroughly humanizes his protagonists, and the interpersonal dynamic between various characters is rooted in reality; Deborah is an appealing character: ruthless and yet sensitive, with a slightly dark tint to her personality; Simon and Nathan are equally compelling; but it’s the conflicted, tortured Asia who steals the show. Readers will find it impossible not to root for her. Asia’s tragic backstory gives her character an added dimension. Lesley’s writing is crisp and straightforward (with almost a dreamy quality) as he pieces together pieces of his narrative puzzle. Lesley’s prose is economical, and he skips unnecessary details and recaps. Both fast-paced and tense, this supernatural fantasy, with its intriguing premise and likable characters makes for a winner.


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