BookView Review: Love, Lust & WTF!?! by Nikki Sitch

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date December 20, 2021

ISBN 978-1-03-912513-1

Price $36.99 (USD) Hardcover, $22.99 Paperback, $7.81 Kindle edition

Author interview

This clever debut by Sitch offers a hilarious take on internet dating during COVID-19 pandemic. A mother of two and a wife, Daisy finds her life turn upside down when an unfortunate accident results in her husband’s death. For two years, Daisy has tried to deal with her grief but realizes that to move ahead she has to find someone special once again. But the chaotic world of online dating is not what Daisy expected when she enters the dating scene. This is a funny, well-executed romantic comedy, allowing complex characterization to flourish: Daisy, with her vulnerabilities, turmoil, and naive-internet-dating knowledge makes for an endearing heroine. The large cast of secondary characters is equally compelling. Themes, including grief, trauma, intricacies of romantic relationships and friendship, self-doubt, and self-discovery infuse the narrative, driving it to exhilarating highs and poignant lows. There’s plenty of wit, romance, and sex. Questions of what makes a relationship meaningful, loneliness, and what happens when a person rushes in a new relationship give the narrative both depth and substance. Thoroughly engrossing and relevant, the novel features an authentic, relatable heroine and provides readers with a witty yet informed glimpse into the world of online dating. A page-turner.


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