BookView Review: Last Worst Hope by Lee Hunt

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Pub date May 3, 2022

ISBN ‎ 978-1777973407

Price $26.00 (USD) Paperback, $6.99 Kindle edition

Author interview

This standalone, set in the world of Hunt’s Dynamicist Trilogy, raises the stakes for its unlikely set of heroes. Nehring Ardgour has torn through the proud and ancient country of Engevelen and the angelic Methueyn Knights that protect it. But it’s just the beginning: Farrah Harbinger knows the worst has yet to come: a creature of destruction and entropy like no other, the One, True Devil, who wants to destroy everything. Who can stop it? There’s no one left to even try except for a disparate group of misfits who must face their doubt and trauma while learning to trust each other and themselves. The characters, be it major or minor, are all intriguing and authentic, but none is more captivating than the unlikely group of heroes themselves, who show that courage is not the lack of fear but it is resistance to fear. Hunt skillfully reviews both his fantasy world and past events, making it easy for new readers to get in the story. And he does so without hampering the pacing or momentum. The vivid setting of the ancient nation of Engevelen is matched by a skyrocketing plot interspersed with deliciously entertaining and well-constructed scenes of fierce battles and magic. Equally intriguing is Hunt’s musing on friendship, courage, bravery, integrity, and duty. Un-put-downable.


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