BookView Interview with Author Cassandra Finnerty

Welcome to BookView Interview, a conversation series where BookView talks to authors.

Recently, we interviewed author Cassandra Finnerty, the author of Escape From Zero, an un-put-down-able SF thriller with authentic characters, a well-constructed SF world, and incredible tension and suspense.(Read the review here.)

Cassandra is the author of fantasy, science fiction, and romance. 

She has a passion for magical settings and loves to transport her readers to unexpected places. 

She enjoys creating bold, untamed and endearing characters who struggle to overcome their flaws.

Her novel Escape From Zero was inspired by a fascination with the future.

Cassandra loves hearing from readers. You can learn more about Cassandra at 

What was an early experience where you learned that language has power?

In grade school, I convinced my parents to let me have a dog! That was when I first learned about the power of persuasion.

Tell us about your latest novel, Escape From Zero.

It’s a blend of fantasy, science fiction and romance, set in the Kingdom of Canard in the year 2268. In this society, a person’s worth is measured by points. When the main character – Jason – goes against the state, his point total drops to zero, and his life is in danger. He joins forces with a group of allies and attempts a daring escape. The book follows Jason and friends in their quest for a safe haven, and race for survival.

Do you do research for your books?

Always.  For my Princess of Nature Series, I spent two months learning about life in the 1700’s in various locations. Even though my novels are fantasy and fiction, I like to ensure that any references to settings and historical details are accurate. For my latest novel, I mapped out what life might be like in the distant future.

How often do you base your characters on real people?

All my characters are fictional. They may have familiar traits, but I work hard to ensure that each one is unique.

What does literary success look like to you?

If my readers enjoy the stories, I’m happy. I’m incredibly grateful to them for their ongoing support.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Everyone has a story. Someone out there is waiting to read what you create. It takes courage to release your writing, but when you feel your book is ready, have it published.

Readers can learn more about Cassandra’s books at






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