BookView Review: The After House by Michael Phillip Cash

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Chelshire, Inc.

Pub date April 19, 2017

ISBN 978-1947118560

Price $7.52 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

Cash crafts an absorbing tale around traumas in the present and the regrets of the long-gone past in his latest gothic tale. Determined to begin afresh after her messy divorce, Remy Galway comes to the old whaling town of Cold Spring Harbor in Long Island with her young daughter Olivia. But there is another occupant in the house who likes the quiet peace of his 300-year-old cottage. Cash delivers a set of memorable characters, atmospheric setting, and a story that, though seemingly straightforward on the surface, is filled with complex emotion and character. The characters are thoroughly developed: little Olivia is fearless and clever and charmingly endearing with her little-girl antics, and the sea Captain, the old Eli, with his appalling temper, is delightfully grumpy. Cash beautifully emphasizes Eli’s inherent humanity. The witty banter between Olivia and Eli is wholly fascinating. The romance between Remy and Huge itself becomes less of a focus as the story moves forward, second to Eli’s inability to forgive himself, but despite the heaviness of the theme, the story stays lighthearted and cozy while satisfying the creepy sense of unease instilled by Eli’s presence in the house. A darkly comic, fun tale that is skillfully and lyrically told.


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