BookView Review: Risen (The Battle for Darracia #3) by Michael Phillip Cash

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Pub date June 25, 2014

ISBN 978-1499242676

Price $16.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

Cash weaves a fast-paced, tense narrative and doesn’t rely on clichéd SF/fantasy tropes to drive it in his highly entertaining concluding volume in The Battle for Darracia series. Swallowed by the sea, V’sair is presumed to be dead, and Zayden has lost his ability to fight. Fully defeated, Darracia is completely in the hands of evil, with malicious beings devouring the planet’s dwindling resources. Instead of losing hope, V’sair must find new allies and get ready for the final showdown with Staf Nuen, Lothen, and the malevolent armies of Geva. Explorations of love, family, friendship, deceit, coercion, and free will are woven throughout the story. V’sair, Tulani, Zayden, and Reminda’s impossible journey may take place in a different world than ours, but in the end, the book offers the message that people trapped in the worst of circumstances will still fight to control their own destinies. The book is fast-paced and poignant, and each character is compelling, but the major appeal is V’sair here. His vulnerabilities, of which he’s painfully aware, only make him easier to root for, and Tulani’s love for him is an anchor. His bond with Zayden and Reminda is rooted in reality. An epic and satisfying finale to an altogether splendid series.


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