BookView Review: Through The Soul Into Life by Shoushan B

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date: December 30, 2021

Genre: Poetry

184 pages

ISBN: 978-1-63988-132-1

Price $16.99 Paperback

Author interview

Shoushan B’s engrossing collection of poetry depicts the challenging experiences we all go through to salvage our authenticity, spirituality, and empathy while experiencing the complexities and the challenges of our inner world. Ranging from the despairing and dark to sharp and sentimental and hopeful and self-celebratory, this collection of poems is divided into sections based on varied themes, including loneliness, sadness, belonging, female empowerment, self-realization, motherhood among others. In the poignant and raw first section, “I am descending Downward the spiral Into the abyss,” the author touches on loneliness and despair, bringing depth and resonance to the familiar human experience. While highlighting ramifications of the negative life experiences, the all-embracing theme of female experience is infused in every section, showing the reader that there is community in some of the most taxing and commonplace feelings a female usually has, including the questions about identity and self, her own place in the world, and her everyday challenges. Drawing from both her own experience and the shared human knowledge, the author captures the spirit and gist of what it means to be human, particularly a woman. Through the sharing of fears, doubts, uncertainties, and truths, readers will likely find poems that resonate with them. This collection feels like a mirror that will resonate with many readers as they experience the complexities and the challenges of their inner world in relation to social norms, religion, and politics. A stunner.


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