BookView Review: Arbutus Manor by James Darren

BookView Review rated it:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Pub date Mar 2, 2022

ISBN 9781039124370

Price $24.99 Hardcover, $12.99 Paperback, $8.99 Kindle edition

Author interview

Darren weaves a fast-paced tale with unexpected friendships, romance, and surprising twists in his debut, bringing a group of disparate individuals from different walks of life together in a room and board house. When circumstances bring a group of strangers, including the small-time thief Matt, a beautiful runaway bride Mina, the physically challenged Carol struggling with her MS, the elusive Kitty, the psychiatric outpatient Pedro, and the dashing Jordie together, they form a close bond. But there is a serial rapist wreaking havoc in the city’s streets. With the danger too close to ignore, the Manor residents must prepare themselves for a shocking face-off. While dealing with tough topics like drugs, mental illness, anxiety, grief, trauma, death, romance, friendship, and self-discovery, the book balances the darkness with a slice of life quality to the large cast of well-crafted characters. The characters are multilayered, realistically imperfect people trying their best to handle everything happening around them. The fast-paced narration reveals the protagonists’ internal monologue, allowing readers to learn what’s going on in their heads as they encounter impossible situations and deal with their individual turmoil. Discussions of personal freedom, substance abuse, survival, trauma, and recovery are subtle and realistic. A tension-filled tale filled with fast-paced twists, mystery, intrigue, and passionate romance.


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