BookView Review: Relativity by Ben Adams

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Pub date 07 Jun 2022

ISBN 9781643972985

Price $35.94 (USD) Hardcover, $20.47 Paperback, $9.99 Kindle editio

Author interview

Adams’s latest is a gripping exploration of friendship, dreams, aspirations, and finding oneself, taking readers on an exhilarating journey of three middle-aged men who are on a quest to dedicate their lives to their ridiculous dreams. Though his house is burnt completely, the genius Harry Erickson is hopeful about his paper about Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. Dennis Drysdale has a live-in-partner but finds himself in love with a woman he knew from high school. Timothy Henderson wants to take his passion for video games to the next level. An unexpected turn of events sets the friends out on a road trip to Chicago and pursue their individual dreams. Adam beautifully captures the pain of loneliness and fraying familial bonds while delving into the richness and depth of his protagonists’ inner lives. Vivid narrative, sharp dialogue, and keen psychological insights keep the pages flying. The characters, especially Harry, Dennis, and Timothy are believable and fresh, and their alternating first-person point of view allows for increased tension as well as offering insight into their emotional and mental state of mind. This highly engrossed, deftly written tale of nostalgia, regret, identity, acceptance, and the transformative power of hope and belief brims with poignant emotion and asks important questions about the real cost of being true to one’s true self, the burden of guilt and shame, and self-acceptance. A winner.


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