BookView Review: A Twist of Fae (Finding Fae trilogy #2) by El Holly

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Pub date May 31, 2022

ISBN 979-8832162140

Price $12.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.01 Kindle edition

Author interview

Filled with atmospheric details and memorable characters, Holly’s immersive second installment in the Finding Fae Trilogy continues Evelyn’s story as she tries to grapple with a new responsibility thrown her way. Still trying to come to terms with her fae identity, Evelyn “Eevee” Acker is ready to meet her birth parents. But winter solstice is approaching fast, and Eevee’s birth parents are in captivity. Eevee must pick between saving her birth parents, who she’s never met, or relinquishing her search for answers to all her questions. Nuanced, remarkably well-drawn characters and a carefully considered fae mythology add dimension to the intriguing premise, while unexpected enmities and shifting alliances add drama. Eevee’s history, which includes adoption, a secret identity, and abandonment, makes her a layered heroine. Quince is a complete gentleman, honorable and sensitive. The bond between the duo is poignant, and their interpersonal dynamic is rooted in reality. Cam and Maggie are thoroughly adorable. And so is Scamp (even though he is a cat). The engrossing narrative is full of shocking revelations and unexpected twists as all the disparate plot threads come together, creating a highly engrossing story that builds toward a surprising cliffhanger. Readers will eagerly wait for the final volume in the trilogy. Not the one to be missed.


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