BookView Review: Grady Whill and the Templeton Codex by Carole P. Roman

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Chelshire, Inc.; 1st edition

Pub date July 18, 2022


Price $7.75 (USD) Kindle

Suspense, high tension, endearing friendships, and SF intrigue mark Roman’s series starter in A Superhero High School Adventure. In the face of his own insecurity and his best friend Aarush struggling with relentless bullying because of his Autism, Grady is more than happy to finish middle school and start high school at the famous Templeton academy. But getting into the academy is not easy: only 500 students are accepted each year from all over the world, and for some strange reason, Grady’s guardian and his father’s younger brother, Uncle Leo, is dead set against him joining the academy. But the real difficulty begins once Grady and Aarush get accepted into the school. With utmost skill and panache, Roman delivers an entertaining, moving tale that beautifully tackles issues of adolescent anguish, bullying, autism, friendship, perseverance, will, determination, socioeconomic divides, and staying true to oneself. Both Aarush and Grady are relatable protagonists, and their tender affection for each other paired with vivid island setting conjure a gratifying experience. Grady’s struggle to overcome his self-doubts is genuine, but it is Aarush’s determined pursuit of his goals that carries the reader to the story’s cathartic resolution. Brimming with high stakes, fully realized diverse characters, endearing friendships, and crisp writing, the novel makes for a gripping, page-turning YA read.


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