BookView Review: A FINE-TUNED HEART: New Poems by Don Gutteridge

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Spanning decades and countless collections, Gutteridge’s poems are as raw and heart touching as ever, delving into old memories, life, death, love, loss, and longing. Teeming with awe and sensation, these poems delve into memories of yesterday long-gone, moving skillfully from life to death, happiness to grief, boyhood lust to loss, and aging to resurrection. For ones grieving or the ones who have grieved, “O TOM!” offers reflection and insight: “O Tom! Please know/ that I have done with weeping,/ I wept till my bones bled/ \and then wept again,/ but the pain pulsed anew,/ unappeased, but now/ I am at ease with God’s/ guile and the grief of your going,/ for I have let you settle/ in the consoling abode of my heart,/ where your soul sings me to sleep,/ brings some solace on,/ and bids me believe you haven’t/ gone.” “ENUNCIATION” explores the experience of growing up in Point Edward in the 1940s and navigating small Canadian town life. “ONE MORE TIME” examines life’s simplicity in old days that cannot be found anymore. “WALKABOUT WITH MY SON” draws its roots from Gutetridge’s visit to his hometown of Point Edward in June of this year. This is a poignant celebration of the pain and pleasure of being alive. Readers seeking contemplative poems executed with style and verve will find themselves besotted.  


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