BookView Review: Secrets of Tanoria: The Crystal Warrior by Lori Hyrup 

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date November 27, 2019

ISBN 978-0999863107

Price $11.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

Author interview

Hyrup uses eloquent prose, well-constructed characters, and familiar tropes to craft an engrossing adventure in her series kicker in The Crystal Warrior series. As one of the oldest living members of the Order of the Shard, the courageous Aria has dedicated her life to eradicating the deadly shard monsters. But with the crystal from which she draws her power expanding fast and transforming her into a shard beast, Aria’s superhuman abilities are useless unless a miracle happens and reverses her transformation. Meanwhile, a mysterious power has taken control of the shard beasts, using them to wreak havoc in Tanoria. Aria must unite with two strangers if she wants to save her lands from complete destruction. Hyrup’s worldbuilding is immersive, and though bursting with magic, including shapeshifters, powerful warriors, mind-readers, fearsome monsters among others, it never feels overstuffed due to the measured pace. Those who appreciate character-based epic fantasies will revel as Aria, Kharra, and Zephyron set out to unravel the mystery behind controlled shard beasts. The ending offers satisfying answers to some questions but leaves enough threads hanging to tantalize further adventures. Melancholic at times, but finely constructed and thrilling. Epic fantasy lovers will be enthralled.


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