BookView Review: TRUST by Lee Chappel

BookView Review rated it:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Expected publication date October, 2022

Publisher: Bleau Press

Genre: Mystery


Chappel’s latest novel is a solid, fascinating mystery that explores the limits of love, guilt, and punishment. Beth Sullivan has everything she’s ever wanted: she’s just married Baltimore’s most eligible bachelor David Cheshon and is planning to begin her journey of motherhood soon. But Beth’s dreams shatter after a murder tears her family apart, making her the primary suspect. The newly-promoted Sergeant Tara Williams begins her investigation, but it’s one of the Cheshons she is investigating. And the killer is still on the loose. Chappel’s storytelling expertise shines in this skillfully constructed, multilayered story, as do his fully developed characters. Readers will cheer for the vulnerable yet resilient Beth all the way to the satisfying conclusion. The emotional core of the story exists in the marvellously understated relationship between its various protagonists, especially Beth and David. The chapters alternate between flashbacks from the past and Beth, Abbie, Gail, Tara, and Adam’s first-person voices, keeping readers invested as tiny details of their disparate lives emerge, revealing shocking secrets. Surprising revelations and unexpected twists keep the pages flying, with Chappel packing in plenty of well-observed domestic details. This is an intense story, both brilliant in its exploration of family ties, relationship, marriage, trauma, and trust, and breathless in its delivery. Fans of character-based, intricate mysteries will enjoy every page.


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