BookView Review: Better Gnomes & Gardens (Mysty Haven Mysteries) by Casey Cardel

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Mentha Press LLC

Pub date August 1, 2022

ISBN 978-1937629625

Price $3.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $12.99 Paperback

Book excerpt


Cardel mixes a hefty dose of wit with magic and intrigue to create a deliciously readable cozy mystery, the first installment in her paranormal mystery series. When Bob McLarney moves to Mysty Haven as reporter for the Mysty Haven Weekender, he has no idea his first article will end his job abruptly. But the quirky Doug Weaver approaches Bob to find his missing gnome, giving him a chance to prolong his stay in the town. As Bob begins to look for clues, he finds himself unraveling a sinister plot. Cardel’s thoroughly sketched characters and setting breathe further life into the effortlessly crafted plot while the engaging prose and expert inclusion of various red herrings throughout the narrative pull the reader right in. Cardel is excellent when it comes to delivering fast-paced, suspenseful narrative while taking readers right inside her characters’ minds. Bob, with his inquisitive, driven personality, makes for a worthy hero. The storyline is gripping and thoroughly intriguing, and Cardel does a brilliant job keeping the tension high as the plot careens into a series of twists. This cozy tale accommodates a captivating whodunit plot, with clever fair-play clues concealed in plain sight. Fans of compelling paranormal mysteries won’t want to miss this one. A triumph.


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