BookView Review: Oh Great, Another Vampire Book by Diane Hunter

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Pub date April 28, 2022

ISBN 978-0578395074

Price $14.95 (USD) Paperback, $4.73 Kindle edition

Author interview

Magic and political intrigue mark Hunter’s debut vampire tale. Sired during the Revolutionary war, 250-year-old vampire Roman McClary is almost content living a lonely existence in Boston. When he meets the lovely Sara Fielding, a journalism student, the spark immediately flies. With the great war between humans and vampires looming near, Roman sires Sara, hoping to make her a vampire. Instead, the young woman turns into a god. But in times of social media scrutiny, even gods are not immune to the masses’ wrath. Hunter skillfully weaves a layered, intricate, often witty tale within today’s socio-political landscape. It is a vividly crafted world, rife with political intrigue, vampire pop culture references, and human drama. Told mainly from Roman’s first-person narration voice, the story is equal parts thoughtful and hilarious. Sara impresses with her sharp intellect and feistiness. Her single-headed determination reminds readers not to underestimate sassy and smart women. The secondary characters, both human and supernatural, are given a tenderness and humanity. While Sara and Roman’s relationship remains a powerful motivating force, the story doesn’t limit itself to just romantic love, instead it extends, giving weight to a variety of complex, relevant issues: this spin on a well-known vampire story focuses on political power play, gender and racial disparity, misogyny, oppression, and freedom. Wholly original and Charmingly eclectic.


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