BookView Review: Good Night My Blessing by Glo Rose

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ISBN 978-1663219800

Pub date April 11, 2021

Price $16.99 (USD) Paperback, $6.96 Kindle edition

Rose explores a mother’s tender love in her charming latest picture book. The different spreads feature the mother and the child going about their everyday routine together. Some scenes are particularly arresting: the third spread depicts the child clad in a blue pajama sleeping on a half moon that is casting a gold glow with stars scattered around it. Rose’s smooth, whimsy prose, which reads as one rhyming poem from start to finish, has a nice tempo and pace to it, beautifully reflecting the gentleness of a mother’s immense love and her calm, heartfelt presence—in a quiet, dreamy verse, the mother expresses her immense love for her little one: “You are the moon/ In my dreams each night/ You are the sun/ That brings life’s new light/ You are the warmth/ That fills my heart with love/ You are my greatest gift/ From the stars above.” The digital illustrations that accompany the text are simple and sweet, rendered in muted colors against a gold background. A very warm message of mother’s love that’s sure to elicit a smile from parents and their youngsters alike. 


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