Book Trailer: In the midst of life’s future by Julie Barkly

Life in the cityside for Kemala feels like somethings missing to make her feel more a part of the earth, one that’s having several pollution & clearcutting issues, especially on her side of the earth. Her job as a chemical engineer treated her financially stable. But things didn’t feel right. Dreams she faced to reveal & life she hoped to have fulfillment. No one treated her right at work except for her two friends who were much older than her. Fairly quick in life Kemala was going, ahead of mostly everyone in her career, surely that’s why it brought jealousy upon her from mostly everyone her age, she constantly thought. Soon later something happened in Kemala’s life though, something that made a decision before her larger than ever in her life, one about her career & that missing piece in her life. What will she do when she decides to take action on her strong pre-meditated feelings, in her already set out life? What will be the missing piece in life that she finds? And through the unclear dreams that she may reveal about her future, will she piece the coincided clues together to see if she’s on the right track in life?

Coming out: October 2022

(A work of Physi-Tual, meaning the physical clashed with the spiritual or supernatural) – Physi-Tual trademark ® 2021® by AMC Publishers/Physi-Tual genre capital global group Ltd. – All rights reserved.


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