BookView Review: Birds in the Black Water by Kodie Van Dusen

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Big Cheese Books

Pub date Sept. 14 2022

ISBN ‎ 978-1778227103

Price $14.97 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

Author interview

Debut author Dusen’s supernatural thriller is a marvelous blend of magical realism and occult fiction, taking readers on a struggling woman’s journey through grief. Neviah has always been able to see the Other Side, a bleak world trapped somewhere between past and present. Though the shadows torment her, she has made the most of the situation: she is running a successful counseling sanctuary with her husband, using her unique gift to help people deal with their demons. When 6-year-old Gabriel arrives at her door, identifying himself as Martha’s son, a girl she once tried to help, Neviah realizes she has no option but to face her past. The gripping narrative portraying Neviah’s dark memories contrasts grief and trauma with splendid scenes of familial affection and maternal instinct. Dusen artfully immerses readers in Neviah’s mindset, revealing her inner turmoil, regrets, and moments of aching grief as she struggles to come to terms with the troubled circumstances of her life. Combining supernatural drama with relatable, relevant issues, such as mental health, individual angst, pain, regret, and redemption, Dusen keeps the reader invested. The resolution is unpredictable and the climax unforgettable. Lyrically written and beautifully crafted, the novel makes for a solid debut. Dusen is an author to watch.


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