BookView Review: A Hell Uncertain by L. Santiago Calero

BookView Review rated it:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Barnes & Noble

Published by: Hughston House

Publishers, LLC

Release Date: March 2023

ISBN13: 978-1-958389-00-3

Author website

Author interview


A young man will stop at nothing to realize his dreams in Calero’s captivating latest novel. 1967. With the Vietnam War in full swing, the nation is in great turmoil: people are fighting poverty, hunger, and growing disquiet within the system. High schooler David Rendón is contemplating joining the Marines so he can serve the country. During summer, he forms a close friendship with Rafael and Lorenzo. The young men have lots of fun strolling through Chinatown, Coney Island, South Bronx, and other neighborhoods of the city. But summer eventually ends, and Rafael and Lorenzo leave to join the war in Vietnam. Calero cleverly and subtly weaves in imagery from the era’s New York while crafting a compelling look at America’s involvement in the War. He candidly offers an intimate look at David’s efforts to find a life path while navigating his school year, and he is equally compelling when it comes to exploring his secondary characters’ inner and outer conflicts, illustrating how their friendship shapes the major decisions of their lives. This is a compelling first installment in a promising series that will appeal to both lovers of coming-of-age YA and historical fiction.


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