BookView Review: Love Queen: The Making of a Master by Mireille Parker

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Publication Date: December 10, 2022

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Genre: Nonfiction, Memoir

ISBN: 978-1-63988-618-0 (paperback)

List Price: USD $18.99 / AU $30.00

Page Count: 392

Distribution: Ingram

Author interview


Parker’s latest book is a lively portrait of a woman who came into her own by reflecting on her past relationships. She frames her transformative journey with her life story, beginning with her eternal wanderlust for faraway places, her meeting with the endearing Matthias, their whirlwind romance, marriage, and continuing with her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and her struggle as she ties to find a balance between her marriage and her desire for children and becoming a successful writer. Parker talks about her cancer diagnosis, which was scary but helped her see things in a new light. She’s candid and earnest as she writes about her deeper anxieties that begin to emerge a few years into her marriage. She met several interesting men after her divorce, but it was her meeting with a Parisian jewelry designer and graffiti artist on Gili Air that led to her greatest breakthrough. She writes that reflecting on her relationships and past struggles has helped her to find her inner balance. The author’s writing is vulnerable, honest, and imaginative: she uses a first-person narrative voice and journal entries to illuminate the finer points of her transformation. Parker’s unflinching honesty along with the boldness of her internal and external journeys make the book a worthwhile read.


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