BookView Review: A Florist Called Daisy by Elsie G. Beya

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Publication Date: February 7, 2023

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Genre:  Fiction, Romance

ISBN: 978-1-63988-695-1

List Price: $18.99 USD Trade Paperback

Page Count: 454

Author interview

Beya’s latest romance is a deliciously readable, entertaining love story that registers poignant emotion as well as profound desire. The feisty, sarcastic, and cautious Daisy is content being a florist and has no desire for any kind of romantic entanglement. When the magnetic and handsome Stewart Burns, the frontman of indie band Cardinal, enters her life, Daisy finds herself falling for Stewart. And Stewart also is taken with Daisy. But Daisy’s inhibitions get in the way, forcing her to rethink her relationship. Meanwhile, Izzie, Daisy’s troubled best friend, is a die-hard Cardinal fan, and her infatuation for Stewart is a known fact. Will Daisy find happiness or be left in the shade with a broken heart and shattered dreams? This charming, characters-driven romance finds poignancy through the characters’ individual dilemma while maintaining a flirtatious, lighthearted tone: Beya skillfully complicates the narrative with intricate discontent, such as Izzie’s destructive unhealthy infatuation with Stewart, Daisy’s inner turmoil as she tries to honor the illusive girl-code, and a thoughtful examination of the intricacies of love, friendship, self-discovery, and fulfillment. The plotting is tight, and the narrative is full of sly wit, sharp dialogue, delicious romance as well as moral seriousness. Sweet, engaging, delightfully charming; a winner.


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