Book Review: Mantle of the World Ruler (Book Two of the Lost Wells Trilogy) by Kate Gateley

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mantle of the World Ruler

(Book Two of the Lost Wells Trilogy)

Kate Gateley

Coming soon

Author interview

Gateley’s middle installment in The Lost Wells Trilogy immerses readers into a world of dark magic, ancient mythology, and Celtic history. Julia and Dom have finally left Canada for LA, hoping to lie low for a while and gather their momentum. But Cassius’s malevolent Wraiths are still on their trail, threatening to shatter their sense of security. With Cassius determined to draw a prediction from an ancient seer in his bid to achieve immortality, the pair know they must find a way to decode the new prophecy. The story boasts a fully fleshed-out cast, fantastical worldbuilding, and tight plotting. Alternating between a third-person narration and Julia’s first-person voice, the narrative delves into the characters’ inner turmoil, revealing their self-doubts, fears, insecurities, and inner struggles. Gateley is at her best when writing about her heroine’s immensely agonizing experience of coming into her own power. Her exploration of love, friendship, human connection, individual angst, self-discovery, and identity is equally compelling. Dom shines through and through. Ronan’s journey, though slightly less significant than Julia and Dom’s ongoing stories, is equally engaging. The final act delivers an unlikely predicament for Ronan and a startling betrayal. An expertly woven and enthralling offering.


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