Book review: It’s About Time by Mickey Bridges

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date June 29, 2022

ISBN 978-1667837529

Price $14.91 (USD), $8.49 Kindle

Debut author Bridges, a former drug dealer turned real estate broker, musician, and ordained minister, deftly chronicles his impressive journey of rising out of a life of dangerous crimes. Born into a broken home, Bridges spent his childhood years free of parental control and guidance. By his teens, he had already entered the adult world of drugs, sex, and crime. Getting convicted for robbery and being sent to jail was just the beginning of a destructive path for the young man: he joined a local gang and started selling hard drugs. During this time, he was sent to federal prison after getting caught selling heroin and learned of his mother’s death. As he struggled with his grief, he realized he needed to find a better way to live. Bridges is up-front as he explores his life as a hard-core criminal. He candidly discusses the power of strong will, determination, resolve, and hard-work. There is frequent use of crude language as he enacts scenes from his earlier life as a hard-core criminal, but overall, the story evokes compassion and understanding in extremely understated way. This remarkable, hope-filled account of triumphing over a life of drugs and crime is a must-read.


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