Book review: Society, Suspicious by Freeman Smith

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Publication Date: January 10, 2023

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Genre: Fiction, Political, Satire

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-63988-669-2 / Hardcover: 978-1-63988-687-6

List Price: $25.99 USD Trade Paperback / $35.99 USD Hardcover

Page Count: 480

Audience: Adult

Author interview

Smith’s eccentric and often brilliant novel is a roller coaster ride of cynicism and social commentary. Tired of playing the character in a variety of circumstances that not only test his identity but also foster his participation in the nation’s collective narcissism, Mr. Mojo Rising plans his escape in advance. The opportunity arises when he meets a homeless man taking his last breath. A variety of scenarios help stitch together the real story of the intriguing narrator, and though the experience becomes somewhat like stumbling into an endless series of small pockets of hexagonal chambers, filled with randomly ordered objects, this winding style actually enhances the intrigue of the tale, rather than distracting from it. Offering up an assortment of styles, including short stories, poems, play scenes, and pieces of nonfiction, Smith skillfully parodies the cynical tone of a political satire, harnessing it to pop culture tropes. Some entries, such as the story of an insurrectionist sentenced to six days in jail and two months of probation, or a half-frog, half-man predating on an intellectually challenged boy, reflect the gleeful insanity of experimental fiction, while others display exaggeration of political satire. Throughout, Smith’s keen observations and sharp dialogue keep the pages turning. A surreal work of socio-political commentary and insight.


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  1. Your review was very interesting, it left me really wanting to read this. I like how short and sweet this post is, not just out of sheer laziness, but because I am left to wonder how this book is, and whether or not it will give an accurate portrayal of a world I know so well. I am very intrigued by your style here, a lot of reviewers make it possible for lazy readers to not have to read something and you left me really wanting to read this book. Thank you for posting this review.

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