BookView review: Mumentous by Amy J. Schultz

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Publication Date: April 25, 2023

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Genre: Nonfiction

ISBN: 978-1-63988-565-7

Format: Hardcover (case laminate)

List Price: $37.50

Page Count: 178

Author interview

Author and award-winning photographer Schultz offers an intriguing guide to the world of homecoming mums, bringing together history and fantastical stories to paint a vivid picture of the tradition in her marvelous book. From homecoming custom, the history of homecoming mums, their significance to their transformation from a simple abbreviation to a complicated shorthand for an eye-popping tradition ingrained deeply in the culture, Schultz explores every aspect of the process in this appealing and compelling narration. Starting with a discussion of how the tradition actually started and by whom, she continues with an account of mums’ century-old history, their evolution throughout the years while delving into themes such as mother-daughter bond, female entrepreneurship, celebration, womanhood, culture, community, and tradition. Besides vividly retelling rich and colorful personal stories, Schultz includes interesting interviews, quotes from various sources, and stunning black-and-white photographs. The final chapter pays tribute to all the mothers whose contribution keeps the tradition alive: “The one tenacious constant that hot glues it all together? Moms. As a category, this encompasses not only birth moms but stepmoms, grandmothers, favorite aunts, and other loving surrogates. Moms, who through their relentless work ethic accrue a dizzying range of expertise. Moms, the defenders of cherished family traditions ranging from the tooth fairy to Thanksgiving dinner to the annual treks to grandma’s condo.” An appealing work for readers interested in mums’ history in Texas or the history of homecoming tradition as well as anyone who simply loves a feel-good, wholesome story.


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