Ghouls And Alchemy (An Amethyst Hunter Story) By Amy B. Nixon

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date July 21, 2020


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Author interview

The Amethyst Hunter and general all-around badass Nathan Holloway features in Nixon’s engrossing novella marked by intriguing alchemy, high-tech science elements, and mythical fantasy.

It has been decades since Nathan Holloway took an oath to serve USA after the mysterious Alchemist working for Nexus, a covert organization specializing in extracting dead soldiers from the battlefield and using them for wet work after reviving them through alchemy, transformed him into an Amethyst Hunter. Despite his struggles with the effects of remedial plasma serums that he is forced to take to keep his Materia Prima strong, Nathan is determined to serve the country. When the nation comes under a ghoul invasion, Nathan is assigned to trace the powerful necromancer who is behind all the chaos. The narrative is tinged with tension and wry humor, and some genuinely terrifying scenes will have readers on the edges of their seats. The elements of mythological fantasy are as fascinating as the details of high-tech science. Nixon’s flawlessly drawn cast, vivid worldbuilding, and solid plotting keep readers turning pages nonstop. The graphic descriptions of death and decay magic make this story unsuitable for the faint of heart. The cliffhanger ending bodes well for Nathan’s future adventures.

Urban fantasy fans should snap this up.

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