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Pub date July 14, 2020

ISBN 9781734886405

Price $9.99 (USD) Paperback, $3.75 Kindle edition

Author interview

A brilliant and mesmerizing collection…

Plume creates an otherworldly, dark world shimmering with uncanny digressions in this spellbinding collection of short stories and poetry. The collection is divided into three sections with stories that introduce strange, unearthly, and dark, illuminating the insecurities, fears, contradictions, disappointments, and loneliness of the characters who see the world in black and white. There are stories of loneliness and despair (“A warped View of the Stars” and “A Closet Full of Killer Robots”), of paranormal and interstellar (“Off the Map” and “Keen and Keen Inc.”), and of bizarre (“Box Full of J.O.Y”), but death and mystery stays at the heart of the collection. Plums riffs on the paranormal as he tosses in spooky graveyards, ghostly beings, vast terrains of ice sheets and endless lakes, isolated planets, and futuristic ships. The chilling moments are utterly scary; the tragedy hits hard; and the supernatural sends chills. Plume’s delivery and dramatics combined with the compelling premise make sure there is never a dull moment. Young or old, male or female, human or not, from the present or the far-future, all the characters are sketched with conviction.

Plume is sure to win an ardent following with his tales of otherworldly.

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