Book review: Crossing Lines by Pamela Ellen Ferguson

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Pub date October 18, 2020


Price $3.08 (USD) Kindle edition, $14.95, free on Kindle Unlimited

Author interview

Deeply realized characters, tightly constructed plot, and sharp dialogue mark Ferguson’s compelling latest which links two disparate worlds—a brutal murder in Austin and a West Texas/Mexico land inheritance dispute rooted in the Spanish colonial era. It’s Halloween night, and the Austin based architect “Buzzy” McBride’s converted rail yard home on the banks of Lady Bird Lake becomes a crime scene after a decapitated head is found on the property. With her young nephew missing and his passport located at the murder scene, Buzzy takes it upon herself to investigate the murder. Her search for the truth leads her to unravel a web of dark family secrets. In heart wrenching, vivid detail, Ferguson portrays the sufferings of undocumented youths across the border seeking to escape the violence and bloodshed of Mexican drug cartels. She sketches her characters with a precise clarity and renders Hugh’s sexual delinquencies convincingly. The characters’ interpersonal dynamic is etched in reality, especially Buzzy’s relation with Rory, Penny, and Grace. Various convincing twists put a new spin on the sleuthing story while a hefty dose of family drama keeps the pages turning. The plot, woven of convincing circumstances is executed with excellence. Brimming with literary grace, this smartly constructed mystery is an absolute page-turner. Ferguson proves herself to be a spectacular voice in mystery writing.


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