Satan’s Gold by Michael Ray Ewing

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date march 10, 2021


Price $4.97 (USD) Kindle edition, $16.99 Paperback

A whiplash-fast, twisty, and crackling techno thriller…

Excellent characterization and well-crafted tension elevate the tightly constructed plot in Ewing’s excellent latest conspiracy thriller. When the elusive ex-CIA financial analyst known only as Daemon stole billions from the Russian Federation, it was just the beginning of the game for the criminal mastermind. With the U.S. Federal Reserve next on his plan, it’s imperative the authorities get to him fast. But Daemon is way too cunning, always keeping himself ahead in the game. The disgraced former FBI Agent Tyler Jackson is already on Daemon’s trail for more than two years. The stakes rise when his ex-FBI boss threatens to haul him for financial fraud in case, he fails to apprehend Daemon. Tyler and Dixie must race against time or risk exposing the world to a complete economic shutdown. Ewing combines a troubled, multifaceted protagonist readers will find themselves rooting for with a winding, lightning fast storyline filled with an intriguing secondary cast and political and financial intrigue. He keeps the action going as Tyler and Dixie set on a dangerous path to trail the missing money and dodges more bullets en route to prevent a financial collapse that could rock the financial markets around the world. The characters, including the antagonists are deeply realized, fully humane and their motives rooted in reality. Ewing details his characters’ lives in isolated pieces, each revealing a bit more about their fears, insecurities, self-doubts, and struggles. There is plenty of financial and technical jargon, but Ewing’s engrossing storytelling and swift pacing ensure the action stays ripe and the momentum never slows down.  Along the way, he explores the ramifications of the worldwide financial market’s acute dependence on online data sets and the risk of non-savory elements manipulating and misusing it for their own financial gains. Ewing’s own experience as a Bell Labs engineer on the United States Federal Reserve’s network, FEDNET, lends a thorough authenticity to the story’s technical and financial aspects. A moving and heartfelt ending will leave readers cheering. The conflicted Tyler, struggling to get his life back on track while dealing with a cunning criminal who is fighting his own demons and deftly crafted plot that’s full of shocking revelations make for an entertaining reading.

Ewing delivers an addictively readable tale of international conspiracies, financial intrigue, and human drama, and readers will look forward to the further exploits of the endearing pair of Tyler and Dixie.


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