Book review: The Ram’s Tale by Alina Isac (Author), Livia Savin (Illustrator)

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date January 25, 2021

ISBN 978-1525570391

Price $14.99 (Paperback, $19.99 Hardcover, $5.06 Kindle edition

Isac’s delightfully woven tale features a young shepherd boy who must pick between riches and two remarkable animals. Deep in the valleys of England, a malevolent giant lives with his one-eyed ram. The pair is wreaking havoc on people’s lives by stealing their sheep and other possessions. When the young shepherd Jonny’s two older brothers are kidnapped by the giant, Jonny knows he must come up with a clever plan to save his brothers or risk losing them forever. But soon Jonny comes face to face with another dilemma. Isac’s prose is accessible and the pacing smooth. Funny situations aptly draw laughter from the young readers: watching a young boy defeat a giant with nothing but wit and intelligence delivers a sheaf of unexpected delights—especially when the giant is unable to keep up with Jonny’s clever demands. Savin’s playful illustrations, filled with innovation and wit, give charm to the tale while bringing both the characters and the story to life. Isac also invites readers into an exploration of family ties, sibling bonds, courage, intelligence, and compression while delivering a lighthearted, pleasant story. Young readers will be thrilled to add it to their bedtime bookshelves. This is crowd-pleasing.


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