Book review: The Next Right Thing by Céline Perron

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date February 9, 2021

ISBN 978-1039102088

Price $28.99 (USD) Hardcover, $16.99 Paperback, $6.11 Kindle edition

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Perron delves into the complexities of justice, abandonment, past trauma, and courage to do the right in this engrossing crime thriller. For twenty-seven-year-old Rena, life as a journalist is awfully busy but promising nonetheless. She loves her simple apartment, her time with her best friend, and the challenge of her job. But when she becomes the victim of a random hit-and-run, her life turns upside down. With a long road to physical recovery, Rena finds herself becoming obsessed with a stranger, whom she believes to be involved in her accident. Unraveling answers lead the increasingly unsettled Rena into the dangerous underworld of a ruthless mafia boss. She must decide whether the right thing is always the best thing. Perron plunges readers into a layered world of underworld and secrets as Rena, in her pursuit of justice, finds herself examining the thin boundaries between right and wrong and what it means to be humane. The unexpected plot developments keep the reader invested, and Perron’s portrayal of Rena as a young woman struggling with present and past trauma is convincing. The skillful combination of immersive storyline, deeply realized characters, sharp social commentary, and expert storytelling make for a memorable reading experience. Lovers of well-constructed, thought-provoking crime fiction will want to take a look.


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