Book Trailer:The Next Right Thing by Céline Perron

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Twenty-seven-year-old Rena Moretti has lived her life the only way she knows how: by being a good girl and avoiding scrutiny. As the by-product of an illicit affair gone wrong, she figures she doesn’t have much room for error. A budding journalist with an ambition for big things, Rena is comfortable in her own skin, enjoying the simple pleasures of her comfy apartment and the confidence of her best friend. But when Rena becomes the victim of a random hit-and-run accident, her life gets turned upside down on all fronts.

After the accident, everyone wants Rena to make a safe return to the life she had before-but Rena is increasingly convinced she has to do the exact opposite if she wants to find any closure. She becomes obsessed with a young man that she’s convinced was involved in her crime, but in pursuit of connection, Rena is dragged into the criminal dealings of a local gang.

The Next Right Thing is a moral crime thriller which proves to be equal parts dangerous and thought provoking. Bringing with it victims of crime, countless moral dilemmas, and an elusive gang leader. Rena must now decide whether the right thing is always the best thing. In this page turner, readers will follow along as Rena chooses to overcome her fears and finds inside her a bravery she never knew. But can she make the right choice before it’s too late?…


I grew up in the small Francophone community of Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. A small town located in Northern Ontario, Canada. After graduating High School in 2012 I moved away for University and spent the next few years gaining a Bachelor of Honours in Law and Justice and a Minor in Psychology from Algoma University in 2016 (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario) and a Master of Arts Degree in Criminology from the University of Windsor in 2018(Windsor, Ontario).

Afterwards, I moved to the nation’s capital [Ottawa, Ontario] to begin working towards my career goals. Originally, I had aspirations to enter the field of law enforcement, but faith had other plans and before long I obtained a position at Scotiabank in their Fraud Department. In 2020, I was fortunate enough to get hired as part of the Fraud Investigation team.


Instagram: @celineperronwriter

Facebook: @Celine Perron



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