BookView Review: Haunting Magic (The Witches of New Mourne #2) by Neely Powell

BookView Review rated it:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Wild Rose Press, Inc. (Black Rose)

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Pub date October 27, 2017

ISBN 978-1509216697

Price $4.84 (USD) Kindle edition, $4.52 Paperback

In this tightly plotted second installment in The Witches of New Mourne series, Powell mixes nonstop action and intrigue with a wealth of mythology and delivers a thoroughly satisfying tale. Life is already difficult for Fiona Burns, the Connelly witch and a medium, who is struggling to find answers to end her family curse. Meeting the handsome Bailey Powers, a Hollywood TV producer, complicates the things further who is determined to hire Fiona for his reality TV show. Meanwhile, the Woman in White is back, but there is even bigger danger for the Connelly family: A demonic force who wants the Woman’s power for his sinister motive. Powell puts Fiona through the wringer, continuously pushing her to the edge in her quest to find answers to ending the centuries-old Connelly curse. The story is fast-moving and entertaining, the prose assured, and Powell’s rigorous plotting keeps the reader hooked. Fiona’s resilience and resourcefulness pairs well with Bailey’s cautious nature, and Intensely personal stakes and genuine surprises keep the pages flying. As the second installment to the series, this volume holds pretty well on its own: Powell provides enough backstory to pass it as a stand-alone. This compelling tale about the choices that can alter the course of a life forever, family, sacrifice, and love is sure to wow.


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