BookView Review: Where Are We Tomorrow? by Tavi Taylor Black

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Pub date May 31, 2021

ISBN 978-1952816369

Price $5.99 (USD)Kindle edition

Author interview

In her debut, Black crafts a nuanced portrait of a woman struggling to define her life away from her professional identity. As a touring electrician for the fairly successful popstar Sadie, 36-year-old Alex Evans has always loved the chaos of her job. But an unexpected pregnancy and a tragic miscarriage awakens desires she never knew existed before: to have children, family, and a home to settle down. But Connor, the man in her life, has his own reservations about settling down. When a work accident with the lead singer forces the whole crew to regroup, Alex rents a house in Tuscany with her female work colleagues. Old secrets and shocking confessions begin to pour down, forcing Alex to rethink her life plan. Black writes each woman’s narrative with remarkable freshness and subtlety, bringing them to life in readers’ minds, and her depiction of the impact of tragic miscarriage on Alex’s psyche and her struggle with her childhood trauma are depicted with perception and understanding. The main story line about individual struggles and personal choices is seamlessly interwoven with that of the bigotry and gender disparity that the women in the story suffer at the hands of their male colleagues while working as members of Sadie’s tour group. This is an impressive, memorable first outing. Lovers of literary fiction will want to take a look.


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