BookView review: Simple Style Tips For The 21st Century Man: How To Step Up Your Style Game by Dennis D. Berry “The Style Guy”

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Pub date March 31, 2021


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In this informative guide, Berry, Style Consultant, Visual Stylist and Buyer for The Suit Depot in Oak Park MI, one of the largest Men’s Clothier in the Midwest, delivers a simple manifesto for dressing stylishly. Step–by-step, Berry takes the reader through each clothing classification—from the significance of a proper fit to selecting business casual and formal wear suits, sport jackets, casuals, including shirts, sweaters, jeans, and pants, and finally dress clothes, shoes, and accessories—attesting the selection will never go out of style. He also offers advice for readers to apply their own particulars to a series of dressing options while explaining how to find your proper fit, what colors to pick for a timeless look, the importance of accessories and proper shoes, and the fashion mistakes to avoid. The emphasis stays on a neat, timeless look. According to Berry, dressing well is not all that difficult, the real challenge lies in finding the right style and fit for your body. He argues that Instead of following celebrities’ utterly fashionable, trendy styles, individuals should focus on finding the style that not only looks good on their body but also is age-appropriate. When combined with confidence, proper clothes make a big difference how others view you. Berry’s prose is simple, accessible, and economical. This user-friendly guide offers a variety of ways individuals can make their clothes more practical, more stylish, and more versatile. Hands-on and insightful, this is a splendid reference for any man.   


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