BookView review: The Bone Shrine by Scott MacFarlane

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Pub date August 16, 2021

NicheEco Imprints

ISBN 9781736857014

Price $16.95 (USD)

Book excerpt

Darkness, mystery, intrigue, and murder fills the pages of MacFarlane’s page-turning crime drama. Troubled and lost, nineteen-year-old Joe finds himself into the middle of a murder investigation after his teen sweetheart Mary dies of drowning. While Joe is adamant, he has nothing to do with Mary’s death, the first responder police officer Deputy Zach Riggleman has another idea. Joe’s past juvenile record and his drug habits further add to the police’s conviction. But Rochelle, Joe’s mother, is determined to get him out. MacFarlane’s authoritative prose stretches out with rich imagination, and his characterization shines. The troubled Joe is endearing with his incredibly flawed personality. Readers will find it easy to sympathize with him and identify with his all-too-young adult fragilities. The driven, sympathetic Rochelle is an absolute darling. Between Joe’s coming-of-age journey and the hard-hitting crime drama, A sense of mystery and doom prevails throughout the narrative. MacFarlane skillfully incorporates elements of horror and young adult drama to craft an inspiring tale. With its engrossing storyline, morally ambiguous theme, and convincing, real-life characters, fans of dark crime fiction will have plenty to enjoy. This is an inspired effort from a very talented author.


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