BookView review: A Kind of Hush by JoDee Neathery

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Pub date July 1, 2021

ISBN 9781737392002

Price $17.95 (USD) Paperback, $27.71 Hardcover, $7.89 KIndle edition

Book excerpt

A tragedy throws a young family in the middle of a police investigation in Neathery’s thoroughly absorbing latest. Owing to her inability to get over the accidental death of her older son Griff, Summer Mackie is still struggling to forgive Willa, her only daughter. Trying to move forward, the Mackie family plans an outing but a tragedy strikes, leaving one family member dead. As Deputy Sherriff Connor Boyle begins his investigation, he finds the Mackies are hiding something. But what? And who is behind the suspicious death? Neathery maps the troubled family dynamics with relative ease as the bond between Summer and Willa stretches to a breaking point. Neathery’s biggest strength is portraying her characters’ struggles with their inner demons, who remain broken amid their tragic circumstances. Willa’s journey of coming to terms with her own actions is moving as she struggles to redefine herself in the wake of disturbing secrets. Neathery’s writing is assured and her expert examination of guilt, blame, and trauma is both intuitive and insightful. Along the way, she delves into the intricacies of human nature, love, family ties, duty, responsibility, rage, regret, redemption, and mortality through the eyes of her main protagonists. Poignant and emotionally rich, this is a stunner.


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