BookView Review: The Devil and Dayna Dalton: (Book 9) A Bulwark Anthology by Brit Lunden

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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ISBN 978-1950080021

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Lunden’s latest novella, the ninth installment in A Bulwark Anthology, is a top-notch, highly entertaining stew of human drama and supernatural horror. Working as a reporter for local newspaper the Bulwark Advance, Dana Dalton is barely trudging through life. There have been plenty of men in her life but the one she really wants, Sheriff Clay Finnes, is married and unattainable. When a red-eyed stranger saves Dana from a wolf attack, her life takes a new turn. But finding love is not as easy as it seems. Lunden creates a story that is not only eerie and equally as propulsive, but is also heavy on character and emotion. Dana isn’t a wholly likeable character; she’s mean, pragmatic, highly self-centered—not exactly someone to root for. But as the story progresses, it becomes apparent she has certain very endearing qualities as well: she is determined, fierce, and is able to look beyond her own limitations. By the time the story approaches its ending, readers will find themselves cheering for Dana. Other characters are equally compelling. There is darkness, paranormal creatures, meddling neighbors, and dimensional fissures, and Dana’s search for love and happiness will keep readers turning pages nonstop. Those who like their stories with a twist of horror, this novel provides an engaging blend of speculative fiction, supernatural, and intense emotion.


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